Colombia is an attractive eCommerce market in Latin America, with a population of around 48 million people, the market is in its development phase and expected to grow. The eCommerce activity in Colombia is heavily influenced by bank transfers and cash payments. We offer the cash payment method Efecty to help merchants take advantage of the growing eCommerce market. Using Efecty, customers can make offline payments that can be paid by cash at any of their branch stores. Efecty has over 7,000 locations where consumers can make their payment.nline products and services.

Colombia is an eCommerce market that is growing in Latin America. Internet access and smartphone use have improved their penetration in eCommerce and increased their impact in the market. However, people still hesitate to use credit cards which means that the market has not reached its maximum potential. That is why merchants benefit themselves by adding local payment options that are familiar and trustworthy for consumers.

How Efecty Works

Product Description


Product Process

When the consumer decides to make a payment with Efecty at the checkout, a voucher containing a payment code is generated and the consumer can print it out and take it to any branch store and pay in cash.

Product Sheet


Countries Supported


Merchant advantages

Enter markets with low credit card coverage
Lower risk of returns
Payment option familiar to the consumer
Trusted buying process
Increase sales
Accept more than just credit cards

Consumer advantages

Trusted payment method
No credit or debit card needed
Convenient, reliable, simple and secure
Access to more products and services
Language and currency localization
Simplified shopping experience

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There are a lot more payments options customers from all over the world
feel more comfortable to use and trust much more than credit cards.

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